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We are creating a new program to push forward true sustainability via executive education, textbooks and radio and podcast programming.

Big Picture, Long Term

Bringing public, private, non-profit, and academic leaders together to learn from each other and find truly sustainable solutions for our businesses, communities, and the world.

It’s a bold vision, but we have the expertise, the education and the experience to implement this project.

Dan Pike has managed a half-billion dollar project for the state department of transportation through a severe funding crisis, keeping the project moving forward even as replacement funding was identified and secured.  He served as Mayor of Bellingham, a city renowned for its ethic of sustainability, garnering recognition both for his environmental and his fiscal leadership as he successfully managed the city through the recession.  He has over thirty years of connecting with technical, political and thought leaders in sustainability and resilience.

Scot Barg has consulted for Fortune 500 corporations, managed Harvard executive education programs on leadership, change and technology in government organizations, and helped to build a methodology for measuring non-financial value that was endorsed by the Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council.

Working together, we bring the complementary skillsets and connections necessary to deliver the project objectives.

Big Picture, Long Term is dedicated to building a better understanding of true sustainability by providing a trusted venue where thought leaders from diverse perspectives can engage with and learn from each other.

To move beyond the usual rancor and partisanship that characterizes much of the dialog on sustainability, we will interview business, government, non-profit, and academic leaders from multiple disciplines. We will compare, contrast and distill those insights into radio, video and print media, and invite you and other leaders to engage with these ideas through our website and our executive education sessions.

Our research, education and outreach will provide clients, students and the larger community with the information and the tools to make and implement better-informed decisions in everything from their personal lives to the organizations they manage, and to see the interconnectedness between isolated actions and the larger implications of those actions in the community, region, nation and planet.

Big Picture, Long Term is working with the Huxley College of the Environment and the WWU College of Business and Economics to develop executive education programs for senior managers from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to gain insights into how those agencies and organizations can better fulfill their missions through Triple Bottom Line management—that is, by paying equal attention to long term environmental, social and fiscal sustainability.

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